Prepare your Plumbing for Winter

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Prepare your Plumbing for Winter

Even here in Texas, the winter season can bring tough environmental conditions onto a building. As the temperature continues to drop, the ground loses its heat and your underground plumbing system becomes exposed to a changing environment. As the winds pick up and the atmosphere becomes colder, unprotected indoor pipes are susceptible to severe drops in temperature. The colder weather can cause frozen pipes or blocked drains, which could lead to pipes bursting or flooding within the office. This is the last thing you need to halt your company’s productivity as the new year comes around. So, here are a few tips to help you avoid any plumbing issues that the winter throws your way.

Prevent your Pipes from Freezing

The best way to combat frozen pipes is to make sure that they are properly insulated with the right material. Heat tape is a great DIY option for minor threats, but we urge that the average, unskilled person call their local plumber to inspect their pipes. Otherwise, preventing frozen pipes can be as easy as making sure that all pipes near the exterior walls are protected from outdoor conditions like drafts, or to keep the indoor temperature above 50 degrees at all times.

Inspect your Water Heater

This is often an overlooked task, but inspecting your commercial water heater is vital to preventing winter plumbing issues. Check your boiler room or water heater closet regularly, and look out for any leaks, unusual temperatures, or poor conditions of the water heater vent.

Unclog your Drains

Make sure your employees understand proper drain usage, including what can and cannot be flushed down a toilet or poured down a sink. If your employees work in warehouse conditions, grease and oil can easily be exposed to a pipe as they wash their hands. If you’re in the restaurant industry, grease from food needs to be properly disposed of and not poured down a sink. Simply put, grease may look like it’s going down a pipe freely, but only a few feet down it will cool and harden. Invest in drain guards to prevent accidental clogging, and search for high-quality drain cleaner liquids if a stoppage does occur. If the problem is serious, be sure to call in a professional.

As a business owner, your safest bet is to always call the professionals in to help. At Brandt, we offer 24/7 service for maintenance and repairs, and have decades of experience in treating frozen and clogged pipes. Now’s the time to make sure your pipes are ready for winter, so contact Brandt today for an inspection!