Prefabrication Optimizes Construction

Prefabrication Optimizes Construction


As the demand for skilled workers increases, construction schedules shorten, and job site safety heightens, clients are looking for options to reduce the scope of work on their project sites. Prefabrication has become a viable solution to meet these challenges.


Prefabrication Process

Prefabrication is a process in which construction is completed offsite in a controlled environment to improve quality, reduce build time, and manage expenses.  On most projects, Brandt prefabricates complete electrical and mechanical piping systems to include pump hook-ups, skid mounted pump packages, coil hook-ups, Central Plant headers, and any redundant connections to increase efficiency.


Benefits of Offsite Construction

There are several benefits to prefabrication or offsite-construction, including improved jobsite safety.

  • Reduced Cost of Labor. Prefabrication is a streamlined solution requiring less skilled workers, which results in labor savings.
  • Shortened Construction Schedule. Since your project will be built in a controlled environment off-site, there will be no weather delays or environmental challenges to keep the project from staying on schedule.
  • Minimal On-Site Disturbance. Prefabrication means systems could arrive at your site nearly complete. This solution is ideal for busy new construction sites and existing building renovations.
  • Improve Construction Quality. Prefabrication methods ensure that the quality of the construction is top-notch.
  • Safer Job Sites. The reduced time and activity that occurs on site will naturally improve site safety.


Brandt—Staying Ahead of the Curve and Embracing Prefabrication Construction

Brandt has approximately 100,000 square feet of floor space dedicated entirely to state-of-the-art piping, electrical, and sheet metal prefabrication in Dallas and San Antonio. These manufacturing centers efficiently handle the demands of our customer’s projects across Texas.

Recently, Brandt was hired to fabricate integrated rack corridor systems for HCA Medical City Plano. Here, all systems are contained in a common framework that are built and tested off-site. Upon installation, these systems will be lifted in sections and secured. The framework can be designed to incorporate ductwork, water piping, medical gas piping, electrical conduit, cable trays, and even fire protection. Most impressively, our team will install approximately 50,000 lbs of ductwork and 10,000 feet of plumbing and hydronic piping in the prefabricated racks during the concurrent construction of the building. According to the customer, this process has shortened the project duration by two months.

Brandt understands how rising materials costs can affect your project. That’s why we provide solutions for rising material costs that do not affect the quality of work we can provide to our customers. Working with Brandt means your project will be well planned and executed efficiently.


If you are located in Texas and want to learn more about our products, services, and capabilities, contact us today.