Optimizing Service with STORM

Optimizing Service with STORM

Brandt continues to build on the services we provide to our customers. Recently, Brandt developed STORM (Service, Technology, Optimization, Retro-commissioning, and Monitoring) to address customers’ building operational and efficiency challenges. Our approach utilizes innovations in technology to assist building owners, facility managers, and maintenance personnel with identifying their building’s under-performing or out-of-tolerance equipment.

“STORM is really Brandt’s version of OnStar for buildings,” said Jim Stagg, Director of Service. “We are using the latest technology to communicate with any building’s automation system, in order to provide predictive and proactive Mechanical and Electrical services for our customers.”

STORM uses state-of-the-art software tools, such as BACbone, to collect and analyze data from customers’ existing automation systems. We are then able to provide customers with opportunities for efficiency improvement. By providing detailed analyses and visual representations of the information, STORM can reveal performance trends and operational deficiencies.

As part of the core STORM service, Brandt performs a 60-90 day analytics survey, collecting key building data. The STORM Team analyzes the collected information and presents the customer with a report of opportunities for improvement in system performance, operation and comfort. This survey often produces new projects and service work for Brandt.

storm-blogSTORM’s Ongoing Facilities Analytics are accurate and up-to-the-minute information on a building’s performance. This information is collected remotely and actionable items are delivered to the customer by a Client Service Representative. These recommendations may include corrective actions, improved performance, or energy saving opportunities.

For all new mechanical construction projects, STORM services will be included in the commissioning and warranty phase. This will allow Brandt to deliver much more than traditional project and warranty support. Utilizing STORM’s software tools throughout the commissioning process helps Brandt verify the successful operation of equipment and systems before transitioning into warranty.

Throughout the warranty period, STORM will continue to monitor the building to help maintain performance, track and mitigate issues, and more quickly respond to any potential warranty calls. After the warranty expiration, the customer is shown the value of renewing their contract with STORM’s Ongoing Facility Analytics Program.

In addition to these services, STORM can also perform data center efficiency audits, retro-commissioning studies, utility monitoring, and other critical systems monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx).

The launch of  STORM will result in higher customer satisfaction, better responsiveness to customer needs, and increased opportunities for Brandt to be the preferred solutions provider.