New Texas Building Code

New Texas Building Code

As buildings are expected to perform at higher levels of efficiency, our building codes are changing. It is no longer good enough to simply buy “energy efficient” equipment, install it, and assume that it will provide the intended results. The process of commissioning assures buildings actually operate as they are designed.

Commissioning Background

Brandt has always operated with this in mind, but in 2000 our leadership recognized the value that comes from following a standard process. Jim Bell was brought on board to develop the commissioning team based on NEBB’s Building Systems Commissioning Procedures. Some benefits of commissioning mechanical projects are:

Early identification and resolution of project issues

Projects completed on time

Projects functioning as intended

Reduction in cost during warranty period

It separates us from the pack – as an elite contractor that only does the best

Doing it right the first time means happy customers and repeat business

Around the same time Brandt adopted standards to provide better buildings, the International Code Council created The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). This was created as a model code for the establishment of minimum design and construction requirements for energy efficiency. While there have been several editions, the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) was recently adopted by the State of Texas and placed into effect as of November 1, 2016.

The Main Impact

Commissioning is required for all buildings where the total mechanical equipment cooling capacity is greater than or equal to 480,000 Btu/Hr (40 tons), or the combined service water and space heating capacity is greater than 600,000 Btu/Hr.  It also requires us to test the functionality of all lighting control systems.

What Does This Mean for Brandt?

As with all new code requirements, a learning curve and a transition period are associated with the implementation of how they work within a project. The good news is our in-house process already encompasses a majority of the mechanical portion of the new code, and we are in a great position to handle the new requirements.

Brandt’s commissioning team will help ensure each project meets the new requirements. This includes leading the commissioning process on MEP design build projects and providing support to the general contractor and third-party commissioning agents.


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