New Construction Industry Trends

New Construction Industry Trends

Brandt is constantly growing, innovating, and looking for ways to improve our industry as each day passes. Construction was very different 100 years ago, but today we have intelligent technology that allows us to continue to stay on top of our work. Here are some emerging trends that Brandt is using in our everyday projects.

New Materials

The materials we use today for construction made available to the contractor, builder, and architect would be foreign to the people who built the Sistine Chapel hundreds of years ago. These new materials offer a ton of features that are unique to them and they provide builders with versatility, allowing everything from pre-fabrication to moving a structure.

Energy Efficiency

With climate change being one of the largest challenges humanity faces in the 21st century, there is a need for construction to move away from fossil fuels and more towards energy sustainability. Because of this, new tools have come about like energy recovery systems, occupancy sensors, green construction software and more. Not only does it cut out fossil fuels, but it saves construction companies and their customer’s money.

Less Paper

Since technology is advancing, “paperwork” is diminishing. In the construction industry a large majority of companies work with design software and construction management software. Invoices, contracts, updates, LEED forms, RFDs, accounting- it can all be handled by software. It is also easier to track, search, and make sense of, making the office a more organize place to work.

3-D Printing

The end is not in sight for how much 3-D printing can do. Its potential for the working world has grabbed many industries attention, including the construction industry. This advanced technology not only creates materials and tools at a cheaper cost but it also crafts entire projects. 3-D printing is revolutionizing construction. This revolution is headed in a positive direction and will hopefully stay on course.

Brandt hopes to continue to utilize these innovations in the construction industry that allow us to continue to grow. Our commitment to our customers is great and we hope you choose us for your next project.