June is National Safety Month

A construction worker properly harnessed in on the job | Brandt

June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety month and here at Brandt we reflect upon the past year, celebrate our significant milestones, and recommit to an injury free workplace. The first week of June, the entire field workforce comes together as one team to talk about workplace safety.

Brandt’s Live It ™ initiative is engrained in our daily work processes. That means Safety is not just a priority, it’s an unwavering value integral to every job we do. Live It ™ ensures that safety on each project is visible, that hazard assessment and mitigation take place daily, and safety milestones are celebrated in earnest.

Each employee courageously commits to the tenets of Live It ™ from CEO to skilled craftsman. We are steadfast on every project to achieve our vision of an injury free workplace.

Every employee is empowered to stop work whenever working conditions are unsafe.

There is much to celebrate and yet still, so much to do. In 2018 we finished the year with a TCIR of 1.09, an industry leading statistic which exemplifies the safety commitment at Brandt.

Join me this National Safety Month and celebrate our tremendously talented workforce, their supportive families, and the communities in which we live and serve. Safe, Right, Every Day!


Tim Clemente

VP, Brandt Safety