How Brandt Can Help Companies Throughout the Pandemic

How Brandt Can Help Companies Throughout the Pandemic

With everything so up in the air right now, it’s nice to know whom you can count on. At Brandt, we provide timely control services for all of our clients, ensuring they’re always in a position to enjoy maximum uptime. 

Keep Your Building Control Systems Up And Running, No Matter What

As Texas (and many other parts of the country) starts to slowly open up, you need to do everything you can to make up for lost time. That means your building has to be in top shape so it can avoid any further setbacks. Avoiding the avoidable is essential for companies in every industry. And at Brandt, we’re uniquely positioned to help our clients get the most from their technology, including temperature monitoring systems, building health monitoring systems, and building energy monitoring systems

Services We Offer

Social distancing. Shelter-in-place. These are new solutions to problems we never even knew we had. They’ve forced us to become adaptable to strange, frightening circumstances. Wouldn’t a little normalcy be a nice change of pace? With Brandt, you can get that reliable service you’ve been missing out on, even during these uncertain times. Our control services have one core goal: to help you operate as efficiently as possible. We want to make sure every system you have in place is firing on all cylinders, at all times. It’s the only way to keep your team safe—with every system being closely monitored, you’ll be able to avoid potentially drastic consequences. 


We can help you conserve costs through diligent monitoring for your systems, with technology services including:

Systems Curtailment Services

Who wants to pay more than they should for utilities? Curtailment service providers like Brandt adjust your system’s operating schedule and parameters to scale back equipment set-points and outdoor ventilation levels to lower the cost of running your system. Scheduled purge modes can establish air changes and make sure temperatures remain stable for when your operations pick back up.

Remote Building Monitoring Systems 

You may not have been in your facility over the past month or so, but are you sure things are still operating the way they should? Or that you’re not just burning through extraneous energy? Our team can keep a close eye on your building system so conditions remain at the right level. Brandt can troubleshoot and initiate mitigation actions, which can be essential for facilities that have to remain at a certain level, even when they’re unoccupied. We can also configure automated solutions for continuous monitoring and detection.

Critical Environmental Monitoring Services

The last thing you want is for an unforeseen error to cause a major setback for your building—it’s one thing if you can predict where you’re going to run into an issue, but it’s another thing entirely if it’s something you couldn’t have seen coming. Brandt deploys critical environmental monitoring to track and record the temperature of storage environments of vaccines and test kits as well as isolation and procedure rooms where different pressure levels have to be maintained. Our team collects data and organizes it diligently to make sure you can pinpoint trends, check your numbers for compliance reporting, and keep your staff aware of any lingering issues with specifications that are exceeded. 

Everything You Need, All With One Contractor 

Do you have a long-term plan in place for how you’re going to adjust? The pandemic has thrown a wrench into just about every business’ plans, and you have to be able to adapt in real time. 


At Brandt, our goal is to make sure our clients always have the resources they need to continue functioning at the right level. Whether that’s through dynamic tools that keep their energy consumption low, access to data logs, or monitoring and control technology, we’re here to help. For more information on how Brandt can help take your facility to the next level, schedule an appointment today. We’re the partner you need—not just throughout the pandemic, but for years to come.