Hospira Chiller Plant and AHU Retrofit


This project involves the complete demolition and re-installation of upgraded mechanical systems to an occupied, fully operational pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. It was critical that all systems remained operational during construction, so great care was put into developing a plan and schedule for removal of existing equipment and installation of upgraded air handling units, chillers, pumps and controls. Serving as both the engineer and general contractor on this project, Brandt is working on retrofits and upgrades throughout the entire facility, including the areas that service the clean rooms.

Major work on the facility includes:

  • Demolition and re-installation of 4 new Air Handling Units
  • Demolition and re-installation of 1 new Chiller
  • Demolition of 3 primary CHW Pumps and installation of 6 primary/secondary 6 CHW Pumps
  • Demolition and re-installation of 49 VAV Boxes
  • Relocation of 5 Cooling Towers
  • Upgrade of controls to a stand-alone Building Automation System (BAS)



Owner: Hospira
Contractor: Brandt


Start Date: 10/2013
Completion Date: 07/2014
Mechanical/Plumbing Volume: $4,104,000
Brandt Role: Mechanical Design/Build Services, Mechanical Engineer, General Contractor