Emergency Planning with Brandt

Emergency Planning with Brandt

Brandt’s Critical Asset Management Plan (CAMP for short) helps you plan ahead for building shutdowns.

At Brandt , we make it a practice to expect the unexpected. We work hard to plan, schedule and maintain operations on a daily basis—but when it comes to unavoidable shutdowns, emergency planning is the key to minimizing obstacles and downtime.


Brandt’s Critical Asset Management Plan (CAMP) is designed to help you plan ahead. If a planned or unplanned building shutdown occurs, the right plan is critical. Emergency planning allows you to manage your assets to maximize efficiency and minimize problems due to downtime concerns. Even planned downtime events need a critical eye to planning.


We help you think through options during unexpected outages, from using temporary power and cooling to working effectively to get your building back online. Our systematic approach offers contingency planning based on your individualized operations, so that you have a plan in place for every eventuality.  Brandt’s CAMP system offers a series of personalized plans to help you manage assets through any eventuality.


Unexpected outages can be costly, in terms of manufacturing, logistics, events and/or employee safety. Our unique planning system helps you budget for unexpected expenses and prep your building in alignment with staging plans and quick-connect options, minimizing costs and time lost in the eventuality of an outage.

Our budgeting considerations include:

  • Mobilization costs
  • Demobilization costs
  • Rentals—daily, weekly or monthly
  • Facility upgrade proposals

Long-term Management

Once Brandt has established emergency plans with your approval, our management and rental coordination are on alert. Our staff can deliver, start up, and maintain replacement equipment for days, weeks or even months, if necessary, while working to help you implement long-term solutions to the problem at hand.

We have immediate access to the following equipment and available services:

  • Air cooled chillers
  • Power generators
  • Air handlers
  • Cooling towers
  • Packaged heating and air conditioning (5- to 80-ton options)
  • Spot coolers

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