Why Electrical Services Are Essential for Healthcare Facilities


Why Electrical Services Are Essential for Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to providing high-quality healthcare, there’s essentially no margin for error. If you want to provide your patients with exceptional care, you need to have reliable systems in place. That’s why Brandt’s hospital electrical maintenance services are so important—we help your facility remain up and running so you can focus on your patients. 

If You Work in a Hospital, Electrical Maintenance Is Critical 

There’s never a good time for a power outage, especially if the work you do is entirely focused on helping people receive the best possible treatment. Electrical requirements for healthcare facilities are fairly strict, and adhering to them at all times is of the utmost importance if you want to provide the appropriate level of care to your patients. 

Brandt is here to help. With a number of different electrical services all carefully developed to help your facility operate more efficiently, we’re uniquely equipped to help you maintain all modern hospital electrical standards with quality installation, routine, maintenance, and ongoing support. In this blog, we’ll talk about why your hospital’s electrical system matters so much, and what our team can do to make sure you remain out in front of any electrical issues. 

Your Patients Are Counting on You

Are you up to the task? A large part of delivering optimal patient outcomes is keeping your facility in top shape. The machinery you work with on a daily basis requires diligent maintenance—otherwise, you run the risk of compromising your patients’ health. At Brandt, we want to help you deliver superior care. Our focus is on putting you in the best position to provide the high level of care patients deserve. With dynamic solutions customized to help you work smarter and focus on doing what you do best, no one is better at streamlining the way you operate. 

Is Your Hospital’s Electrical Design Manageable?

If you’re not quite sure about the answer to that question, it probably means it’s not. Our electrical team handles on-demand services for a broad range of projects. You don’t know what issues you’re facing if you’ve never evaluated your system; you can’t improve your system without proactive maintenance; you can’t avoid sky-high repair costs if you don’t know what kinds of issues you’re facing long-term. At Brandt, we do all of the above and more, ensuring your facility is always in peak working condition. We offer services including:

Preventive Maintenance Programs

How much are you tracking the performance of your machinery and electricity? If you’re not doing everything you can to get ahead of potential issues, there’s a strong chance your system will incur heavy repair fees, suffer from minor breakdowns more frequently, and provide you with many more issues than you have time to deal with. Preventive maintenance is essential for avoiding sky-high repair costs and keeping everything functioning at a high level year-round. Hospitals have spikes in traffic depending on the season, but that doesn’t mean there’s ever a good time for your power to go out. Preventive maintenance keeps you on track to deliver exceptional healthcare, all the time. 

Infrared Thermography

Recognizing dangerous issues before they result in total failure is crucial to providing quality healthcare. Infrared thermography actively identifies potential within your system. By detecting infrared energy emitting from your system, you can keep your entire electrical system operating at a higher level.

ARC Flash Analysis

Avoiding flash hazards is critical for protecting your employees. Our team’s in-depth ARC Flash Analysis takes care of any lingering issues with your equipment, helping your team avoid potentially dangerous instances with flash equipment.

Power Quality Studies 

Are you getting the level of quality you need from your electrical equipment? Assessments are crucial for identifying potential flaws within your power structure. Our team provides comprehensive power quality studies that emphasize points of concern for your system, and take into account all factors that could potentially jeopardize your success down the road. We evaluate every nook and cranny of your current electrical setup—with no stone left unturned, you can be confident our team will be able to prescribe you an energy solution that helps you operate more efficiently than ever.

General Service and Repair

How long have you been putting off those meaningful repairs for your facility? Your machinery might only be only slightly lagging behind right now, but it’s only a matter of time before those small issues spiral into something more. When things break down, you don’t always have time to repair them. 

In the healthcare industry, everything in your facility needs to be operating at peak performance around the clock—one minor gap in your electrical system can result in disastrous patient outcomes. With our 24/7 emergency repair services, our team is committed to helping you maintain business as usual, no matter what. Brandt can also provide rental equipment that aligns seamlessly with your operations, providing you with a solution that minimizes downtime.  

Deliver Superior Healthcare With Brandt 

Your focus is always on delivering superior patient outcomes. Why not work with a provider that takes care of everything you don’t want to have to worry about, so you can follow through on that promise? Our team provides high-quality electrical services, all designed to give you the time and freedom you need to optimize your workflow. For more information on how our team can help you work smarter than ever before, reach out to Brandt today to schedule your consultation.