The Effect of Smart Devices on the Jobsite

The Effect of Smart Devices on the Jobsite

Everywhere you look, people are taking photos on their smartphones or typing away on their tablets. Almost every industry utilizes smartphones and tablets, including the construction industry. While viewed as delicate devices on a construction site, smartphones and tablets have become a valuable tool in the field. Many forms of technology can be used to elevate our performance.

Construction technology advancements have primarily taken place in the project management, architectural, and office executive fields. While it has certainly helped with designing, planning, and scheduling projects, it can also be utilized by Foremen, Superintendents, Engineers, and other workers wearing hard hats daily. Many tasks they perform everyday can be streamlined with mobile technology.

Here are some ways our smartphones and tablets can do this:

-Plan viewing: Individuals can work off the most up-to-date sheets and never lose track of on-site logistics, because plan sets are readily available on their devices.

-Task management: With a single click, someone can see duties and deadlines assigned. They also have the ability to establish priority and view progress updates.

-Issue tracking: Organize hundreds of photos for punch lists and inspections. With data stored on the cloud, it takes minutes to assemble reports.

-Productivity: All communications can be archived and time-stamped, so someone can easily see what areas are on schedule and budget. This information allows the function of a site to be improved.

Smartphones are saving time and money by cutting down on printing and materials. Brandt knows that time is something we can’t recoup and technology allows us to be more efficient.

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