Dropbox Improves Business Process Management for Brandt

Dropbox Improves Business Process Management for Brandt

Brandt is the largest mechanical services firm in Texas, so we spend a great deal of time on business process management. When we have problems of our own with workflow processes, we look for partners with the power to innovate and provide real solutions. We knew our document management for field orders needed serious work, so we worked with one of the biggest names out there—Dropbox—for reliable process change.

Brandt uses Dropbox’s services to improve our workflows and minimize costs through better business process management.

The Problem

Our headquarters had no simple way to communicate with techs in the field about work orders and service calls. Our techs were carrying binders full of forms out to job sites, taking up our time and our customer’s time on filling out paper forms. After they faxed or emailed forms back to headquarters, our office staff and supervisors often had trouble finding the right invoice. This was business process management at its worst. Dropbox Business was the solution that saved us time and money—savings we could pass on to our customers.

Dropbox Business

Now that we work with Dropbox Business, we assign jobs to our technicians by uploading service call documentation to shared folders that the techs access on a tablet in real-time. Customers sign the paperwork directly on the tablet, and completed documents are instantly synced with headquarters. Supervisors can approve invoices in hours, rather than the previous turnaround time of up to four weeks. That translates to much faster revenue recognition for our company as a whole.

300% ROI

Three years after our conversion to Dropbox business process management, we’ve had a 300% return on investment. Our Senior Vice President Steve Hayes said, “to see a 300% ROI in our third year was totally beyond our expectations and has transformed how our business works.” We estimate that we’ve shortened every service call by at least 15 minutes. At 120 techs each responding to an average of two calls each day, that’s around $400,000 saved annually.

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