Delivering Turnkey Projects & Solutions

Delivering Turnkey Projects & Solutions

Brandt Companies is an award-winning construction project management and turnkey solutions company. With areas of expertise in mechanical and electrical services, we help deliver turn key results to a variety of business owners.

Since 2008, Brandt has helped all sized businesses throughout Texas obtain sustainability, efficiency, safety, and long-term success. We are deeply committed to the development of the communities where our customers live and serve. From project design to 24/7 support service, we make sure that job is always fulfilled correctly.

An Optimal Turnkey Business

Brandt strives to help companies create long-term success. Our team members are versatile leaders that embody the core values of care, integrity, perseverance, and agility. Our goal is to execute a construction project that leads to remarkable business opportunities.

With more than 65 years of industry expertise and over 2,500certified employees, we aim to enhance the user experience of employees, to help businesses achieve optimal growth.

Brandt’s exceptional property management project team is filled with the experience from top to bottom. Our experienced engineers are some of the finest EPC contractors across Texas.

For years, Brandt has helped companies flourish within Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Waco, and many other surrounding territories.

Our project management team provides a full range of services including project management, scheduling, procurement, and logistics. As an experienced EPC contractor, we will apply engineering and technical solutions, as well as an installation strategy that works best for each project.

Our team’s engineers, project managers, and qualified traders complement our exceptional reputation for safety, quality, and production. This unique blend allows us to deliver solutions that will improve a challenging environment.

Whether it’s a small or large project, Brandt’s team of engineers, project managers, and skilled craftsmen collaborate to create the best solution. We’ll put together a budget-conscious solution that matches your project requirements.  We work together to deliver the results that you expect along with the excellence that your clients demand.

Interested in a turnkey project solution? Give us a call at (972) 395-6000 or send us a note with more information about your project.