Delivering Savings to Our Clients to Drive Service Growth

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Delivering Savings to Our Clients to Drive Service Growth

Our more than 65 years in business have taught us that the best way to solve problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. This perspective goes into all of the mechanical services and products we offer today. 


It is this preventive approach that transforms the service industry from break-fix projects to delivering sustainable value for their clients. At Brandt, we provide a wide array of building management practices that have all been designed to help you get the most out of your time and the money you’re spending. 

Mechanical Systems Are the Biggest Consumer of Energy in Your Building 

The single most significant cost for property management services across the board is usually energy. Utility costs are a constant expense that will never go away and are a necessity for any workplace. These energy expenses include mechanical services like heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. 


These systems are essential, and we believe you deserve to get the best out of them. Often, these systems are also the most wasteful with your energy. Without proper design, installation, and ongoing care, they can become a substantial drain on your resources. 

Back in 1952, we started as just an air conditioning company. Since then, we have expanded our capabilities to include everything from plumbing and electrical to boiler servicesconstruction, and even more. Having this extensive library of services at our disposal has only reinforced the lessons we learned early on. 


Thinking proactively to get ahead of your issues is part of the way that we deliver value to your organization. Preventing any disruptions in the operation of your systems will reduce the cost of repairs and also maintain a consistently manageable budget for your utility costs.

We Are Striving to Make Facility Management Simpler for You         

Many of the facilities that we assist and service are substantial locations that require property management on an enterprise level. Brandt has the tools and expertise to make this work simpler for those business leaders. 


Customers with our contracted service agreements will benefit from:

  • 24-hour guaranteed service
  • Access to service history and work orders
  • Digital invoicing schedules
  • A guaranteed response time
  • Personal account representatives with targeted knowledge of their facility


Service agreements like this will give our clients peace of mind and remove the guesswork from possible equipment failure and maintenance issues. Our team will be your single point of contact for all of the services that we offer. This peace of mind makes it easier to focus on your economic growth and daily tasks. 

Optimizing the Performance of Your Building’s Systems  

Our strategies place a focus on reducing your facility’s operating costs without hindering the performance of your systems. This type of planning requires a knowledgeable team that understands the importance of factors like occupant comfort, mission-critical systems, extending the life of equipment, and reaching sustainability goals. 


Our preventive maintenance programs will:

  • Reduce your energy consumption through energy-efficient technology
  • Extend the life of your equipment by maintaining their proper condition
  • Limit downtime in mission-critical systems
  • Decrease any interruptions in the comfort level of your workplace


We are committed to the excellence of our services and to the community of people and businesses that we serve. By creating more value for our clients, we have driven the growth of our services and created new opportunities throughout the industry.  


To learn more about the ways that we have grown our services for your benefit, reach out to Brandt today.