Cost Effective Design Build Projects

Cost Effective Design Build Projects

Design-build projects (D-B) are project delivery systems that determine the type of contract that designers and construction builders fulfill. Similar to a blueprint agreement, a D-B outlines the entire layout of the design phase.

A traditional project delivery system is a complicated structure that delegates project assignments through architects, design engineers, and contractors.  Unlike traditional project delivery, a design-build delivery system is a simple structure that assigns project demands through a single entity comprising designers, contractors, and consultants.

Design build construction projects are more efficient delivery methods and they typically develop at a quicker pace. Project costs often can be determined early in the process and can help eliminate expensive change orders and schedule delays.

Brandt is a leading provider in construction services and design-build delivery solutions. We establish an effective D-B plan that will help the property owner save time and money on their construction venture. As a full-service construction provider, we help clients achieve turnkey solutions on a very fast track.

Some of our notable design-build delivery initiatives have led to the speedy development of some of the United States most impressive construction projections, including:

Healthcare Facilities:

In the past decade, Brandt has delivered solutions worth more than $750 million in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing projects for some of Texas’ largest hospitals and healthcare centers.

Educational Institutions:

Educational facilities are built for the long-term and are always being updated to meet the ever-changing needs of faculties and students. Brandt’s innovative pre-construction teams help institutions develop cost-effective solutions.

Corporate Towers:

Corporate campuses are quick-paced and demanding projects that normally require multiple construction teams and separate contracts. We’ve helped some of Texas’ corporate juggernauts consolidate their D-B plan with one centralized contract.

Public Assemblies and Places of Worship:

Brandt provides design-build services for new and existing facilities to create venues that deliver premium comfort and acoustics.

Brandt’s team has a full range of services that assure that important projects are able to meet demanding schedules without exceeding budgets.  You can count us to provide creative solutions that will save money and increase your satisfaction with your building’s performance.

Need help with your next design-build project? Contact Brandt for expert advice from our experienced design-build team. Give us a call at (972) 395-6000 or send us a message with more information about your next project.