Commercial Electrical Service

Commercial Electrical Service

Brand’s electrical services for commercial construction integrate on-demand services with the capacity to manage complex projects of all kinds.The Brandt electrical service allows our clients to focus on their business, rather than on maintenance issues. Our electrical service team handles on-demand services for buildings of all sizes and scopes, from quick emergency repairs to renovations and retrofits. Our in-house technological services and competent, highly-trained engineering staff provide you with optimum solutions. With Brandt, your business will be back online quickly and safely—with the best value for your budget.

Brandt’s electrical service involves any or all of the following:

  • Scheduled Maintenance. Preventive maintenance keeps your systems up and running, minimizing downtime and allowing Brandt’s skilled technicians to recognize and repair small problems before they become major concerns.
  • Arc Flash Analysis. Protect your workers and avoid flash hazards with cutting-edge arc flash analysis and recommended actions.
  • Infrared Thermography. An infrared thermography analysis uses remote sensing outside the visible light spectrum to identify potentially dangerous concerns before they result in system failures and downtime.
  • Our emergency electrical services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for immediate repair in critical situations. We even have the ability to offer rental equipment to help you minimize down time and resume normal operations.
  • Power Quality Analysis. Our trained technicians conduct power quality studies, offering critical power information and working with you to maximize your operations through powerful metrics.

Excellence in Electrical Service—and Beyond

Brandt’s record of service excellence speaks for itself. As an industry leading full-service provider across the complete suite of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services, we consider it our job to provide customized services for our clients’ individualized needs. We provide standalone electrical care, but can also act as a single supplier for all building maintenance services.

Our facility services range from repair and maintenance to design and commissioning. We can help you build new installations, retrofit spaces, maximize existing systems and maintain your operating capacity at peak efficiency over the long term.

At Brandt, our attention to detail and customer service has resulted in a 6-decade history of long-standing, positive business relationships. Visit our website or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our broad array of customizable construction services.