Toyota North American Headquarters

Toyota Campus Courtyard

Toyota North American Headquarters

The 2.1 million square-foot campus consolidated Toyota’s four separate North American entities, previously based in Kentucky, New York, and California.

Adding to Brandt’s corporate campus experience, our scope of work included installation of the mechanical, plumbing and piping systems throughout the headquarters.

Toyota Headquarters achieved LEED Platinum from the U.S. Green Building Council. This is the largest commercial LEED Platinum project in The State Of Texas, to date.

Brandt installed four 10,000-gallon reservoirs located in the middle of every parking garage. These tanks can collect up to 400,000 gallons of water annually, which irrigate the entire campus. Reinforcing Toyota’s water conservation efforts, Brandt installed greywater systems to clean and recycle water from the lavatories and sinks.

This project presented many unique challenges, due to the size and nature of work. At the height of Toyota’s construction, Brandt had 300 skilled workers onsite. Despite the large crew numbers, this project was a safety success for Brandt. We finished the 27 month-long project with a total case incident rate (TCIR) of 0.6.

This massive project solidified Brandt’s status as the market leader in MEP construction, and we continue to set the bar safety and quality in the industry.