Brandt’s Pre-Construction Model: Building New Facilities Right, from the Start

Brandt’s Pre-Construction Model: Building New Facilities Right, from the Start

Brandt offers solutions at every stage of your building’s life cycle. Our pre-construction processes drive construction success.Brandt leverages a long history of construction success to bring customized, effective solutions at every stage of your building’s life cycle. Building new facilities effectively takes expert care and craftsmanship, from design through commissioning. During the design phase, our unique, proven pre-construction model improves every stage of the design/build process.

Start with Design

Design affects every part of your facility—especially your budget. Our conceptual planning, powerful budgeting tools, and agile project coordination help you achieve the level of operating success you seek. Our design/build approach utilizes a unique building information modeling (BIM) system to simulate every step of the building process and the resulting functional environment.

The Power of BIM

Building information modeling allows us to maximize your construction schedule and budget. The system allows us to address even the most unique architectural designs and coordination of multiple trades to achieve a fully integrated and optimized facility. The result is a faster, more accurate construction cycle that protects your budget and your timeline.

The Power of a Proven Team

Our experienced and highly trained technicians, engineers, and project managers continually review designs and run cost-benefit analyses to assure budget compliance and unmatched quality. We team up with a wide array of construction and design firms to continually improve your facility. Every challenge is an opportunity to build a better building, and our teams are trained to overcome those challenges. Our integrated approach ensures communication and necessary expertise are on-site deliverables, every day.


Successful construction requires flawless coordination and communication. Our powerful integrated approach streamlines our construction workflows. We use key constructability principles to coordinate every aspect of the project, from design/build planning and special coordination to fabrication and occupancy. When you design/build with Brandt, you ensure that your facility is sustainable and affordable, from grand opening until the end of its life cycle.

Build Your Future

Brandt is proud to be your single point of contact for every step of the construction process. The result is seamless control in building new facilities—while minimizing downtime and maintaining them at peak efficiency. We not only expedite construction and minimize in-process errors, but we also help reduce your total cost of ownership. Our single-source accountability, pre-fabrication planning, and MEP experience allow us to integrate systems commissioning seamlessly into all project workflows, assuring that your systems and equipment meet design specifications and compliance standards while providing comprehensive documentation.

Your project will be completed on time, just as we planned together. And once you’re operational, we’ll continue to help you maintain your systems at peak efficiency throughout the life of the facility. That’s what single-source means when you work with The Brandt Companies.

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