Brandt Proud

Brandt Proud

Value-driven, high-quality service

Our Values Lead the Way to Our Success

Sure, we work with efficient equipment. And, yes, we deliver projects on time and within your budget. But do those things just happen, or are they a result of something more than a contract we sign with our clients? At Brandt, we recognize how important it is to adhere to a set of core values that do more than looking great on a website. As far as we’re concerned, every decision we make, every client we take on, and every employee we hire is only through the lens of the values that drive us. 

The four key tenets of who we are Care, Integrity, Perseverance, and Agility. How they intertwine with our mission and impact our services varies—we make sure there’s a little bit of everything in every part of Brandt. We’re always striving to improve our service, and you can rest assured knowing that wherever we end up in the future, it’ll be because of those four core values. 

Reliable Service

Can you count on your current contractor to deliver the services you’re looking for? At Brandt, our team provides a diverse range of services, all suited to helping your facility work more efficiently. From HVAC services to electrical and plumbing, we’re there for you every step of the way. What does that mean? It means we prioritize maximum performance over anything else. We provide solutions for:

  • Maintenance
  • Retrofitting
  • Repairs
  • Renovations
  • Technical services
  • Emergency repairs (24-hour availability)

That means that at any given point in the lifespan of your equipment, you have access to a technician who not only understands the problem but has the resources available to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. There’s a reason we keep attracting new clients while retaining existing ones for a long time. When you reach out to Brandt, you’re guaranteed high-quality service.

Looking for More From Your Contractor?

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. You can’t afford to manage a system that’s not delivering energy-efficient results. At Brandt, we’re proud to offer meaningful, high-quality service to our clients. It’s been a part of who we are ever since we opened our doors over 65 years ago, and it will continue to drive what we do for years to come.

It’s time you collaborate with a provider that understands your facility’s systems. It’s time you chose a contractor that invested in your success. It’s time you work with someone with the experience you’re looking for, so they can customize their offerings to meet your needs. For more information on how Brandt can optimize the performance of your system, reach out to our team today.