Brandt | Love Field Case Study

Brandt | Love Field Case Study

Brandt provided mechanical services, plumbing and building automation for the five-year Love Field Airport modernization project. Our industry-leading plumbing service offerings and design capabilities helped Love Field drastically improve existing facilities. The new design radically improved flying experiences for Love Field customers while helping the facility itself save money through efficiencies in both space and energy consumption.

The Love Field Modernization Project showcases some of Brandt’s best and most powerful service offerings.

Modern, Efficient Facilities

Love Field is currently home to three small concourses. These original facilities were demolished and replaced with a single, more efficient terminal that actually decreases size by approximately 25 percent thanks to a complete redesign. Unused, outdated space was replaced with more efficient space-saving designs. The convenient, centrally located concourse now services all airlines at Love Field.

In addition to the concourse, the baggage claim and check-in areas are to be fully redesigned. The current main lobby – the heart of Love Field – maintained its current size and structure but underwent extensive updates and renovation. Its current utility as the center of passenger processing was improved and enhanced. Airport concessions spaces more than doubled in the new renovation. Our mechanical services and world-class plumbing service made many of these improvements possible.

An Innovative Team

The internal and external Love Field facelift was made possible by partnerships between parties across multiple fields of expertise. Key stakeholders included the City of Dallas Department of Aviation, as well as cooperative input from Southwest, Continental and American Airlines.

Ownership of the project team goes to Southwest Airlines, with Corgan and Associates providing architectural expertise. IEG Consulting Engineers were lead engineers on the team, with Hensel Phelps acting as construction manager. Brandt provided mechanical services and plumbing service throughout the reconstruction and renovation.

A Cutting-Edge Project

Completed in 2014, this massive undertaking had a mechanical/plumbing volume of more than $26 million and a construction volume of $519 million. The mechanical services and plumbing work included an all-new HVAC and piping system. The unique nature of the team and the extensive upgrade needs of the improved facility proved a challenging and rewarding project for Brandt.

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