Brandt Becomes Certified FARS Installer

Firefighters need reliable water and air supply access to perform their responsibilities properly. While high rises and large buildings consist of standpipes to provide water to each level, it was not until 2015 that the International Fire Code called for Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS). FARS are building-installed systems comprised of additional standpipes whose purpose is to deliver air replenishment to firefighters throughout high rises and large buildings.

FARS represent a significant technological advancement in modern firefighting and vastly improve the first responders’ safety and the safety of the citizens they protect. Filling stations enable firefighters to fully replenish their Self-Contained Breath Apparatus (SCBA) air tanks in under two minutes. This addition saves time and energy for the crew, eliminating the need for “bottle brigades” to bring air canisters manually inside the building.

Numerous buildings in the United States and Canada are equipped with FARS, and the systems are now required in more than 100 jurisdictions. This number grows as more cities add this requirement to their fire codes each year.

In 2021, Brandt became a FARS certified installer for RescueAir Systems, the industry leader. Its first application will be on our Hall Park D1 project in Frisco, Texas.

Whether you’re interested in meeting local requirements or want to provide the best fire safety for your project, contact Brandt for your FARS installation. Our team of engineers, project managers, and skilled craftsmen work together to provide you with the best combined mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services across Texas. We deliver the results you expect and the excellence your clients demand.

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