USS Texas is the last remaining battleship that participated in both World War I and World War II. As a one-of-a-kind artifact from the early 20th century, Battleship Texas is priceless.

Today, Battleship Texas is a floating museum located in LePorte, Texas. Due to the ship’s age and rust, the hull continues to spring new leaks and take on water. The Texas Wildlife Department entrusted Brandt to develop a long-term pump solution and essentially preserve the ship. Brandt’s scope of work included the installation of 42 new sump pump packages located within the ship’s existing blister tanks along with new controllers, piping, and discharge assemblies to the vessel exterior.

The sump pumps will remove the water leaking into the ship and, essentially, keep it from sinking. The blister tanks are multi-level confined spaces located in the lower sections surrounding the perimeter of the vessel. The tanks allowed us to maintain compartmentalized areas of water removal and prevent the entire ship from sinking.

Brandt’s scope of work included:
Demo of the existing dewatering pumps and piping.
Install (43) BJM Stainless Steel Dewatering Pumps with Flexible Hoses per M4.0
Install controls and floats per M4.0.
Install 3’’ schedule 80 PVC Header per M3.3
Install 2’’ Deck sleeves as for float and electrical wiring per M4.0
Install Unistrut conduit brackets from floor sleeve to Float Controller.


Owner: Texas Wildlife Department
Architect: Philo Wilke Partnership
Engineer: EEA Consulting Engineers
Contractor: Flintco


Start/Completion Dates: 11/2017 – 01/2018
Brandt Role: MEP Services