Aerospace Confidential Client – MULTIPLE PROJECTS



AFF3 Building 175 & AFF2
This phase of construction added four new paint booths to Aircraft Finish Facility (AFF). The AFF is one of the last steps in manufacturing an F-35 Aircraft. Due to the nature of the painting process, each booth must be capable of creating ideal conditions for preparing and painting the aircraft. The correct temperature and humidity are vital in ensuring the paint adheres to the aircraft. This level of control was made possible by two air handling units, which sat atop each paint booth on the mezzanine. The units were equipped with cooling, heating and steam humidity capabilities. Brandt installed all of the equipment, requisite steam, hydronic piping, ductwork, and electrical serving these units. In order to optimize efficiency, a heat recovery system was installed to preheat/precool outside air and reclaim heat before it was exhausted out of the building.

CFFII GMP8 MEP & Finishes
Installation of four new air handling units, one blower coil unit, three tertiary chilled water pumps, four exhaust fans, 13 VAV & FPVAV and eight radiant heaters. Fabrication and installation of supply, return, relief, and exhaust duct systems. Fabrication, installation, and insulation of chilled water, heating hot water, domestic water, compressed air, natural gas, steam, and condensate piping systems.

CFFI Modifications & Vestibule Fabricate and install new duct for the Sanding Room 147. Make compressed air modifications and sanitary drain modifications.

Building 4 & 5 Roof Overflow Drain Installation
Installation of roof overflow drain piping in buildings four and five on every 4th column line elevated above the production floor from the west to the east. The piping ranged from 10” to 16” carbon steel pipe. The work involves a high level of safety risk gaining access to the underside of the roof and installing the piping while over an operating production facility with high dollar equipment below.


Owner: Confidential Client
Brandt Role: MEP Services