508A Certification: A Test for Growth

508A Certification: A Test for Growth

Our partnership with Magnum is opening the door to endless possibilities. Now, with a 508A certification under their belt, the team of experts can customize industrial paneling for a number of industries and systems.

A Difficult Task Accomplished

Our partner, Magnum Engineering & Controls, recently received their 508A certification through Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL), a global safety consulting and certification company.

However, completing the requirements for this certification is no easy task. Control panel engineers are expected to take courses covering industry-specific topics, such as E-Stop in standard panels, revisions for fused disconnect switches, and revised definition for low-voltage limited energy circuits. The certification ensures that each engineer is equipped to offer best practice solutions for control panel issues.

But now that Magnum’s team of expert engineers have this certification under their belts, it opens up endless possibilities to service a variety of customers. And with each Magnum engineer equipped with a certification, the team is more capable than ever.

Through the course, industrial engineers are trained on offering solutions for motor control centers, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and power equipment, and swimming pool and spa equipment.

The 508A certification also permits Magnum to design and fabricate custom control panels. Now equipped with their own full-service panel building shop, this team of expert engineers has the skills to construct custom, accurately sized control panels for physical and mechanical specifications. For quality assurance, each panel is thoroughly tested in-house before shipping, and every client is provided with complete drawings and documentation of their panel.

Prior to receiving the certification, Magnum outsourced the fabrication of UL 508A panels. But now that their engineering professionals have sharpened their skills in industrial paneling, the Brandt team couldn’t be more thrilled about our growing partnership that allows us to demonstrate our commitment to safety.

The UL Standards

The UL has developed more than 800 standards for safety and has tested public safety products for over a century. It’s essential to have the control panels certified for the sake of complying with regulations and guaranteeing that clients receive a safe and fully operable system.

In fact, the standard for industrial control panels was revised in 2018 with an effective date of July 1, 2020. According to the summary of requirements, a few standard changes are now more rigorous to comply with.

For example, when utilizing grounding and bonding braids, the engineer must list and size the stainless steel tools according to 15.1, a table listed in the summary guide demonstrating how the tools should be listed. This adds the rigorous requirement that these tools shall comply with the guidelines of another certification, UL 46, certified under CCN KDER.

But the Magnum engineering team did not falter during the journey to meet these lofty standards.

You can find a guide on the official UL website for more information about the new UL 508A requirements.

More Training Accomplishments

Additionally, Magnum completed the training for UL 698A and 1203 in July and received both certifications in August. Dedicated Magnum employees were initially concerned that training and inspections would be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in-person training sessions being canceled. However, UL employees accommodated Magnum’s team of engineers by hosting remote training sessions for the 508A certification and continues to do the same for their current training.

Through the UL 698A certification, Magnum engineers have gained the skills to construct industrial control panels intended for general industrial use and installation in unclassified locations with safe circuit extensions into hazardous classified locations in accordance with the National Electric Code.

The UL 1203 certification allows engineers to work with explosion-proof and dust-ignition-proof electrical equipment for use in hazardous classified locations. This is a crucial certification to receive, as the potential occurrence of ignitions and explosions pose a significant concern in every industrial plant.

Magnum President Rick Hannasch said he’s thrilled about the future growth we’re expected to see, and that he’s proud of his team for accomplishing their goal before moving into their new fabrication shop.

“Completing these [certifications] will widen our client base for Magnum and Brandt,” Hannasch said. “Our plan was to get these certifications completed before our move, and we are excited to reach that goal.”

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