5 Steps to Prepare your HVAC for Warmer Seasons

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5 Steps to Prepare your HVAC for Warmer Seasons

Songbirds whistling tunes, trees blooming with color, and HVAC systems switching back to A/C.

The warmer seasons are finally right around the corner.  As a building owner, are you ready for the effects that the changing weather will have on your critical systems? Although your heating system may be working fine, it’s probably been a few months since you’ve cranked on the A/C.  Now is the time to check up on your cooling system, because nothing is worse than turning on your air conditioning on the first hot day only to discover that cool air isn’t ventilating through your building.

These 5 tips will get your HVAC system ready for spring and summer.

  1. Call a Professional – We’ll get this out of the way first, as it’s the most obvious and quintessential way to ensure your A/C is operating efficiently. Certified HVAC technicians have the training and expertise to inspect your system appropriately and will be able to diagnose problems and prevent them before they occur.
  2. Replace your Air Filter – Before you even turn on the A/C, inspect your air filters to see what condition they’re in. It’s recommended that you change disposable air filters at least once per month, and to thoroughly clean permanent filters at the same rate.  If you notice an abundance of dust or dirt, cool air will be restricted from flowing effectively throughout your building.
  3. Maintain the Outdoor Units – If you have rooftop units, safely go up on your roof to make sure they’re free of debris, such as plants, branches, or other organic items. If the insides of your units are collecting material and debris, call a professional to properly clean them.
  4. Cover the Windows- Sun shining through windows is a wonderful compliment to your heating system, but it has the exact opposite effect for the air conditioning. Penetrating sunlight can significantly raise indoor temperatures, making your A/C kick into overdrive to keep up.  To combat this, invest in tinted window treatments, or make sure that each window has blinds or drapes.
  5. Consider Updating Units – Take a moment to reflect on the age of your units, and how many times they’ve been repaired or experienced downtime. Newer models of air conditioners are made to be significantly more energy-efficient than older models and could save you lots of money on utility bills.

Summer-Proof Your HVAC System

As you prepare your HVAC system for the warm seasons, consider calling a professional team to take care of it for you. At Brandt, we help you proactively manage HVAC and building systems to enhance performance, minimize downtime and reduce operating costs. Our teams offer customized service designed for your unique needs and requirements. Give us a call or reach us online today!