4 Signs that it’s Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Heating System

4 Signs that it’s Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Heating System

Even though your commercial heating system has remained reliable for many years, at some point it will require an upgrade. A purchase like this can be costly, and you’ll want to be sure an upgrade is truly necessary before breaking out your wallet. Below are four signs it may be time for a new commercial heating system:


Do you frequently call your heating company needing a repair? If that’s the case, there is a strong chance that it’s time for a new unit. In addition, broken equipment or an inefficient system may be to blame for rising energy bills.

2.Fluctuating Temperatures

Do you notice that some areas are uncomfortably hot, while others are freezing? This could indicate that it is time for an upgrade. To keep everyone comfortable, you’ll need a functioning furnace to maintain set temperatures throughout every area.


Unfortunately, heating systems don’t last forever. The older they get, the more likely you will see signs #1 and #2, along with many other potential problems. So, if you are wondering what the first red flag is for needing a new heating unit, it is old age!


Unusual sounds coming from your heating system such as creaking or rattling could indicate something is not functioning properly or is about to break. Some issues may be repairable, but the longer they go on without correction will increase the possibility of system needing to be replaced.

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